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 Hearts Application

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PostSubject: Hearts Application   Hearts Application I_icon_minitimeOctober 1st 2010, 04:54

Name: Amor Tamimo
Gender: Male

My Character Name: Hearts

Timezone: GMT +1

I've been playing flyff since I was 8 or 9 and i have made every class that there is. I started Fly4Survive a couple of hours ago but iI have found a few bugs that could be fixed.Since i have played flyff for so long i have seen the good versions and the bad versions and have experience with the quality of gameplay there has been in different versions of flyff.

My only special class is really a Blade. This class I feel is the easiest to lvl until your a high lvl. After you reach 105+ it starts getting harder to lvl.

My reasons for applying are: 1. I love the server! 2. I love helping people and Finding ways to improve there gaming experience.

You should pick me because I am a very kind person and Im a very good listener. I could help you with a overflow of PM's or anything and people can msg me whenever I am on a I will not ignore them (unless it is just spam or rediculous questions). Also i am very active so i will be on the forums alot and also ingame alot.

Only language I speak fluently is English.

I am a kind pearson unless someone really makes me mad then my dark side comes out( which is very rare). I love to play flyff (some people call me an addict). I am very energetic and funny and love to tell jokes. I am just starting highschool (yay me) and i am taking french. I am an above average student and have a 4.2 gpa. My hobbies are making 3D stuff, hangin out with my friends, and traveling out of state. I am a peoples person cause most people that get to know me like me alot.

I understand all the rules set in the forums and in-game and i follow them always.

I've only talked to one of the staff members and it was a brief conversation about 3D design.

No I have not been banned from the forums or in-game.

In conclusion I could help this game alot and the people that play it
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Hearts Application
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